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One day when Dad was playing with Roxy, Dad pulled back her ears and Roxy looked like a Chinese dog. Just then, the wind changed. Dad let go, but Roxy still looked like a Chinese dog. Roxy began to cry.

That night Roxy couldn’t get to sleep because she still looked like a chinese dog. All day the other dogs had laughed at her and teased her. Roxy had run and hidden behind Dad. No one wanted to be her friend. Roxy had to stay inside because every time she went outside there was a roar of laughter.

Roxy was very sad. If only she had a friend beside the family. Oh how lonely she was. We all told Roxy ho beautifull she was but it did not make Roxy any happier.

We all gave up trying to make Roxy feel any better or at least have a happy face. We were so sad to see Roxy sad and most of the time crying. No one cared a little bit for Roxy except for us. No one cared even a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy for Roxy.

Poor Roxy. She wanted to play with the other dogs but all they did was tease her and laugh at her and she was called terrible, horrible words and they told lies about her. The dogs kicked her and bit her and did other terrible, horrible and disgusting things to her,

In inspiration, Roxy called a meeting for 7.30 am the next morning.


At 7.30 am, the meeting took place in Mum and Dad’s room. Roxy was the first one to talk.

Roxy said, “What can we do about these no-feelings people?”

“..and no-feelings dogs,” said Nick, who was late as usual.

“Don’t interrupt, Nick,” said Mum.

“we must do something about it. Any suggestions?” said Roxy, chewing a bone.

“We could always protest,” said Nick.

“What a silly idea,” said Dad.

“I wil put it in the ideas book anyway,” said Roxy.

“Any other suggestions?” asked Dad, scratching his head.

“We could do what they did to me” said Roxy, who was jumping up at breakfast - it was Brevilles today; we had breakfast in Mum and Dad’s room.

After breakfast we continued our meeting. This time Catherine was the first one to talk (it was the first time Catherine had talked all evening). Catherine said, “any more suggestions?”

“Yes I do,” said I. “We can be really nice to them, then they will be very nice to us.”


At 8.30 am the meeting was over. Then Mum said,”it’s time to go to school, children.”

“Oooh” said Nick.

“Hurry up children!” said Mum, “Your lunch is on the table.”

“Do I have to go to school? I wanted to protest for Roxy and all the other things we talked about in the meeting,” said Nick.

“...are you going to school, Nicholas Argall?” said Dad.

“Yes Dad,” said Nick, grumbling.

“Get a move on Nick, Catherine and Liz are already out the door,” said Mum.

Slowly Nick got out his lunch and put his lunch in his bag and slowly walked out the door.

The day was long and hot and bothery. nick was glad it was Friday. Nick thought the day had no end, but slowly, slowly, the day ended! Nick was glad when the day had finaly ended.


Nick woke up at 5.50 the next morning. He quickly got dressed, had breakfast and then started to make signs for the protest.

I got up second and I started making nice things.

Roxy got up third. She started to make up nasty names to call the dogs, and sharpen her teeth.

Mum, Dad and Catherine took turns helping us. It was a very tiring day. Nick made fifty two signs. Roxy had thought of two hundred and twenty two horrible names, horrible lies, her teeth were as sharp as knives and then she wrote them in her Horrible Things to Say book.

I made sixty six friendship pins, fifty nine bracelets, sixty neclaces. I made twenty carrot cakes, ten chocolate cakes, fifteen fruit cakes and thirteen apple tea cakes [with the help of mum.]
The next morning Roxy got up first. Then Mum and Dad got up. Then Catherine. Then me. Then Nick got up last. When Nick got up it was 8.56.

Then we started thinking about which idea we should use. Finally we decided to use Nick’s idea and if Nick’s idea did’nt work we would use my idea and if my idea did’nt work we would have another meeting. It took half the day to decide whoose idea to use. After lunch we had a party, because Roxy would be able to go outside for once. Roxy felt so happy and so we were so happy. We had roast dinner that night and it was the best dinner I had ever had. We had three bowls of icecream each. We couldn’t wait till morning.


In the morning I got up first. Then Nick got up, then Catherine, then Dad , then Roxy, then Mum. We collected the posters and headed down the road saying things like “unfair for Roxy!” and “down with the meanies!”. We started waving our signs around and saying what they said. Some signs said “give some care for Roxy!” and others said “be kind to Rox!” and there were lots of others too.

Catherine started to feel sick and we had to go home again but I decided to stay and continue on the protest. An argument started. But finally Mum and Dad gave up and sai okay have it your way.

Mum and Dad said together, “under one condition, you will stay in the same spot.”

“yes mum.” I said.

Off walked Mum, Dad, Nick and Catherine.

After a while I got bored, so I started to sing a song and to my suprise some one gave me a five dollar note! At first I was puzzled but after a while I remembered that some people sange for money. So I kept in singing. It was hard work singing and after a while there was a small crowd.

When Mum, Dad and Nick came back there was a small amount of money. After a while I stopped singing and we continued on our protest. The protest was no good so we started in plan B - being very nice. it didn’t work so we started in plan C - being nasty. But that didn’t work. So we started on plan D - having another meeting at 10.30pm.

At 10.30pm on Friday, we started our meeting, but no one had any ideas. So we gave up hope of stopping the dogs and the people laughing at Roxy.

After a couple of years went by, Roxy was reading the newspaper one day when she read an article which said there would be a competition in four days time to find the craziest dog in the world. It said that the competition would be held at the Town Hall in Mullumbimby. After Roxy finished reading the article, she jumped up and said, “Well what di you knw! I’m bound to win the competition! Hooray!”

“By Jove, Roxy’s right. She’s bound to win the competition!” said Nick.


Four days later, we took Roxy to the Town Hall. Roxy was astonished to see how many dogs were there. As soon as they saw Roxy every one roared with laughter. Even the judges were laughing. Roxy was glad they were laughing! When it was Roxy’s turn no one could stop laughing! Roxy had won! Three cheers for Roxy. Hip hip hooray! Dad pulled back Roxy’s ears, the wind changed and when Dad let go Roxy was a normal dog again. And guess what! Roxy had won a trip to Disney Land for the familly and she could come too!


When I wrote this I was almost seven, scorning the action based stories I had written earlier I chose to write a more mature work. I also wrote this story because Roxy, our insane Saluki (who also features in a poem) got funny looking slit eyes when you pulled her ears back.


© Elizabeth Argall 2003-2004
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