long legs the baby giraffe
Long Legs The Baby Grarf

by liz and long legs








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One suny morning whan Long Legs was wallcing throo the forust when SUDLY she hured a cracling sound and out came a MONSTER it was gray and ringcly. Long Legs ran away. Donít run awaye.Iím just a big elafant said the monstr. Ok said Long Legs. lets go exploring said the elefant. But were shood we start? said Ling Leg Ovre ther said the elifant poyting to a cave. Ok said Long Legs.
In the cave Long Legs said to the elefant wotís your name. My name is Gray One. It was drk and damp Long Legs was fritned. Lets get out of here said Long Legs ok said Graye One but itís to darc SUDNLY they hurd a HISSSSSSSSSSSS they turnd a rawned and ther was a CHEETA blocking the entrns!. the cheeta started to wlck twurds them. Long Legs had a plane. she toled Graye One to get behined her. then she put her leg infrunt of the cheeta

the cheeta fel flat on his fase. then they made a run for it. the cheeta got up and ran aftr them.the pasigs cept on turning and turning and turning and turning and turning. Long Legs got disy. finalye they came to a part ther wur three tunls one went to the ledt one strat a hed and athr to the rite. They choes rite. but whan the cheeta got there he choes left.

Whan nithr Long Legs nor Gray One cood here the cheeta eny mur they wicked back to see if the cheeta had gon. Long Legs had gotn a vit bravr so they kept expluring. very soon they got hungry but ther was nathing in site exspt for anchnte drurings on the wall.

Aftr days and days of starvashne they finlye came to a jugl ! they wlcked andr undr the bnareleevs and ate gurgs froots. wene sudly they wur in pich darkns were are we? said Long Legs I doít no said Gray One lets look arawnd said Long Legs they coodínt see eny thing until Gray One looked up and said weve just fuln in to a hol. But hawe can we get out of here well be suc her fur life said Long Legs and she began to criy donít criy said Gray One I,l thingc of a way to get out of here soon.

Aftr a will Gray One did fined a waey to get out of the pit and he told Long Legs to hold onto his trunk and he flipt her up in the and she laned on the ejg of the pit then gray One gotup and said we shood look were were going.Yes your rite Gray One said Long Legs lets play hide and seek. Ok said Gray One Iím in said Gray One ok said Long Legs. she hid in a pond. but ther was a ALAGATAE in the pond. the alagatae startd to pull her in the deep water Long Legs sarted to screem for hellp Gray One kame at ouns and hit him with his truk and then hellped Long Legs get out of the muck. Wot shal we play naw said Loge Legs cleening her self I no said Gray One lets play I spiy. Ok said Long Legs. they wlked a raned saing I spiy with my litle i supthing with ch and so on aftr awile they got lonly they wonted to go bak to ther no home jugl so they got a sply of food and water and heded for home aftr days and nites of wurn out feet they finly came home ther muthrs wur so happy they wur back they did not smack them beecos they had gon a way with out teling them in sted they had a PARTY and then they rote this book.



I think I was six when I wrote this, living out in the bush in a place called The Pocket. We had just got a wonderfull computer with a word processor.


© Elizabeth Argall 2003-2004
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