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Please note Liz Space is now my main website. This space remains as an archive of earlier work

Welcome to Version III, enjoy your stay -

Due to template issues in Dreamweaver there are some problems with broken links, for some back links and some Biography links. I may have to rebuild the website, but hopefully will not have to, please report any other broken links. I hope to have things fixed sometime.



Oops I've been a touch busy and have not had time to update anything. It has been a productive period however and a list of my latest exploits can be found here - a brand spanking new portfolio website.


Mini extra update, Roxy Goes Chinese, 'cause my Dad was looking for it.


Just returned from a marvelous trip to Melbourne, may have to return there quite soon (finances and time permitting, in the near future I will have one or the other, it will be interesting to see how it goes). And for todays update, I present to you:

Comic scripts for your reading pleasure and I have started work on biographical details, starting with a bibliography. I have an article in the upcoming issue of OzComics, on Eclectica Press. I am involving myself with the marketing of Lip, a most excellent magazine (subscribe today!).


Stikman rocks hard, he drew this:

If you don't know what this is, read Bone and be saved.


eeep this month has run away although stuff is brewing. I got to do a signing at the grand opening of Impact Comics, those guys rock hard, they even fed us raisin toast and made us creative types feel real special. I also got to hang out with the talented Ben Hutchings, a strange and twisted indy comic creator who has anthology coming out soon. One of my comic scripts is going to be illustrated by the fabulous Maggie McFee, creator of the online comics Katie Galaxie and the gorgeous Encre de Chine. In late breaking news it looks like Joe Whyte will be illustrating one of my scripts as well. Woohooo, I'm so lucky, so many talented people giving my scripts life.

My own offering this months isn't as fresh as I would like, some stuff from the archives Happy Hour - a bartender's tale, 6 - perspectives of a hospital (and a message to drive safe), and the typed up works of my first great piece of literature Long Legs the Baby Grarf .

26.9.04 - Going wild with the updates

The Tale of Ms Penelope, for your reading horror, illustrated by Stikman for a Horror Anthology that is being put together by RadioTak. If you are interested in contributing you can go to OzComics website here.

In other exciting news Tonia Walden, the person who put together Once Upon a Time and Eat Comics (which is now available in print, from Phase Two Comics, from a bunch of stores and in the near future from me), is putting together a Pirate Anthology, details of which can also be found here.


Want to see more of my comics? Go and check out RadioTak's website for a charming tale of love gorn wrong Meat Puppet.


Eeep is that the time already? I suspect gnomes have been stealing time from me. This is something old, but fairly sweet, Uniblues, a comic strip I did for PARSA the post graduate student association at ANU


Yes update every month, I swear it... Go to Eat Comics to see a fabulous comic of mine illustrated by the increadibly talented and wonderful Matt "Stikman" Huynh. I also wrote a song for Mike(y) for his birthday it doesn't have a name yet, we're discussing it. He reckons the Mikey Song sounds pretty daggy and I can't really deny that. When it comes to some things I'm not very creative at all. So here's a Song for Mikey, it's kind of different, the tune has a more melancholic refrain and is also jazzier! I hope to play it at the Merry Muse sometime soon, but I must go now, someone keeps asking me for pancakes (with stewed apples, yum).

Addendum: There is certainly something true about the suffering artist, I found it much easier to create when I was lonely, but it is a cliche I am determined to break.




Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an update!!!

I'm certainly excited, I hope you are.

For your reading pleasure I present to you, Everything, one of my favourite songs, I don't know how well it reads by itself, but it's one I adore to perform.

I hope in the next short while to present some more new material of mine, plus the talents of a featured artist. The deal with a featured artist is simple, I beg, plead and maybe grovel a creator of words, images or both to be my featured artist. They in return put something on this very website, the only limitation is they have to juxtapose words and images, but it can be in any way.

...so stay tuned (and send me harassing e-mails if you don't see updates as regularly as you would like)

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