Dennis Argall

Candidate for Mayor of the Shoalhaven 2008-2012



This is a running list, where I will be placing specific commitments as I go.

You need to read this in the context of my
100 Days program
the proposed Five Pillars of Productivity.



11 June, 30 June...
East Nowra occupies a position on the ABS's Index of Social Disadvantage only comparable with the worst situations in western New South Wales. We have to address this disadvantage as a priority. Too hard basket not welcome.

There is a need for social justice and empowerment, "to get off our backsides and show we care" as an Aboriginal friend said in May. There is room for more pro-active policy. See the development of ideas in this document.

26 June:
[a] New structure for advisory boards, removing elected councillors and sharpening roles
[b] restore the General Manager's Delegation

Follow this link for media release.

Follow this link
to see the concept for advisory boards

27 June: When elected as Mayor I will immediately get the council to convene a conference of community, welfare and government representatives to establish a 'Community Task Force on the Gaol'. Objectives: skills development for employment in all relevant areas, resource enhancement for all social and community and rehabilitation issues. Follow this link for media release
30 June: A fuel and food summit Media release here
3 July: The need to be proactive on renewable energy Media release here
3 July: I will promptly seek to discuss infrastructure issues with the Coordinator-General of NSW, David Richmond, with a view to getting education and communication infrastructure here, with focus on sustaining and enhancing community and bringing knowledge and information industries into Nowra and Ulladulla. Future prospects for rail? These major centres of the Shoalhaven have been allowed to run down, without comprehensive attention to development. New approaches to development, sustaining character of villages and making towns real centres.
7 July: Appointment of a Fairness Officer Media release here
25 July: The Keys to the Future of Nowra Media Release here

Please see the context of my 100 Days program and
the proposed Five Pillars of Productivity.

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