Dennis Argall

Candidate for Mayor of the Shoalhaven 2008-2012


"Five pillars of productivity"

A design for transparent and accountable
local government in the Shoalhaven
connected to community and
consistent with the Model Code of Conduct



The elected council is a governing body like the board of a large business and will:
• make policies that reflect community interests and concerns;
• ensure that council management and operating systems are productive and efficient;
• approve finance; and
• provide leadership in difficult times

— as required in the Model Code of Conduct;


One place where requests to council are lodged and viewable by everyone —

Council officers will rank projects according to:
• defined social and economic criteria
• urgency.

Priority will thus be given to projects on a coherent basis: people will be able to see what has and has not been done and why. It will no longer be appropriate to ask elected councillors to intervene.


The Shoalhaven is not a single community.

In each of our towns and villages, communities need to build consensus about their socio-economic priorities, through democratic communty process.

Such collaborative outcomes form the basis of local development planning.

Thereby the exhibition stage of plans and policy is reached with confidence of constructive conclusion.


Appointment of an independent person alongside council as a mini-ombudsman — not to build another layer of organisation and control, but to encourage positive, fair and proper outcomes in all council dealings.

A person you can go to if you think you are not getting a fair go. See details here.


The workplace environment within the council needs a culture which emphasises staff motivation, teamwork and sense of purpose.

Productivity depends on staff:
• being proud of the coherence of the place where they work,
• knowing their work is respected,
• having the means and clear policy guidance to do their jobs, and
• being free to achieve career ambitions while embracing the Model Code.

The foundations for these elements of good government
need to be agreed and embarked upon in the first 100 days.
See my 100 Days page.
... and note that there is a growing list of specific commitments here.

Comments are welcome.

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