Photos from the wedding of Kim and Nick
at the Astor Cinema, Melbourne,
12 November 2011

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The arrangement of the day was very clever.
Kim and Nick received us in the upstairs foyer of the cinema with splendid eats and drinks;
then a few informal speeches as we stood.

Then we went into the cinema, downstairs, for

the ceremony.

my photos were without flash, so there is some inevitable blurring and sharp contrast with the spotlights of the cinema.


... and then we were invited to get refreshments and return to the cinema to watch The Princess Bride
both romantic and full of words and action and fun, as befitted the community of Kim and Nick.

Here is a little movie of Nick's instructions to us at that time...

Click on the image below to start the movie.
Please note that youtube will kindly invite you to other movies of youtube's own choosing at the end.



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