New photos March 2001


Well, Margaret has been getting better, after so much treatment, and we got to the farm, so there are two pictures of the farm down below. First though, I took up the challenge of taking a photograph near our house in the Canberra suburb of Fisher. Not easy, as the house is pretty much buried among trees. So we thought we'd take the daily walk and photograph that. The house does not face the street, but is down a lane from ther street, and out the other side faces parkland. We go, Margaret goes more often than I do, out the gate into the parkland, turn right, and up the hill.

These two photos are taken to show the landscape from about 150 metres from home.
I seem to have caught Margaret dealing with a sore arm in this picture, looking southwest into the mountainous part of the Australian Capital Territory.

- attach the next picture here...

- our house is down the path to the right...

In January, we visited the Woden Cemetery, adjacent to the Woden Town Centre, about seven minutes drive from home. This is Canberra's original cemetery, established in the 1930s and closed to new allotments for a number of years but recently opened for new plots to be taken up in some spaces, mainly at the ends of rows. This meant that we were able to buy ourselves a plot at the highest point in the cemetery, at the end of a row, right in under a row of pinoaks. As it was such a nice place, we also donated a seat to the cemetery, adjacent to this plot, to take in the view. And the seat has now been installed... Life has changed from the fight with the tumour of last year to a more relaxed time, when we can make use of this seat of ours to watch the changing of the seasons. In summer the park, it's really a park this cemetery, was dominated by the great flocks of white, sulphur-crested cockatoos; in winter, when the acorns are on the ground, we expect to see a great variety of parrots, particularly Estern Rosellas, King Parrots and Crimson Rosellas, eating their way through the nut feast. If this were North America, there would be squirrels, but there are no squirrels in Australia. At night there must be possums about, but not during the day.

Our spot in the Woden Cemetery - Catherine took the photo.

Here are the farm photos.

Sitting out the front, for a 'formal' (well, as formal as it gets in the bush!) photo, during the visit of our wonderful neighbours, Les and Varina Gilbert

When you are out the back inspecting the wood-fired hot water service, make sure you wear the proper wig...