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The Kyarumba Girls Education Fund, our most important project

Goals and objectives of the Fund

The girls of Kyarumba need to be educated and we in the Bwimaniro Women's Club and the local community are dedicated to making this happen, for the future of the our youth and for the future of our community.

Initiating the Kyarumba Girls Education Fund is the first promising step to enabling girls in Kyarumba going to school and to offering people the chance to actively support people in need and girl education in the African continent.

We believe that the Fund will contribute to Kyarumba girls' education achievement, in order to help them realise a better future.

Through the Fund, we aim at enhancing access, retention and performance of girls at primary, secondary, vocational, tertiary and university levels by the year 2015.

We will initiate the Kyarumba Girls Education Fund in order to support girls' access to quality and affordable education at all levels. We will identify and support the girls with promising grades but with financial constraints.

The Fund will provide girls with tuition fees, school uniform, books, and hostel fee. In the first year of implementation, the scheme aims at supporting 20 girls to be increased during the subsequent year basing on the performance and availability of funds.

We will also support parents through the Fund to establish income-generating activities, whilst encouraging them to use the returns from such activities to continue supporting sponsored children.

Alongside the scholarship programme, we will educate parents and the community of Kyarumba about the importance of girl child education, so that the attitude for the community towards the education of girls is improved.

Eligibility criteria and selection procedure

Our organisation, the Bwimaniro Women's Club has selected a Board of Trustees (active Link) to coordinate the activities of the Kyarumba Girls Education Fund. The Trustees will work with local clan leaders, village leaders and school management committees to identify financially vulnerable but academically competent girls pursuing education at primary, secondary and Tertiary/ University level to benefit from the scholarship.

We shall identify the girls born or residing in Kyarumba who are unable to attend or continue with their education due to financial constraints.

The board of trustees, reserves the right to make a final decision on whether or not a child satisfies the selection criteria. Those children meeting selection criteria shall be called eligible.

Eligibility Criteria
Terms and Conditions
Selection procedure

Kyarumba Girl Education
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