Better Choices International —

Community Builders
Alimosho, Lagos, Nigeria

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• The Vision

Better living for individual, family and community


• Mission Statement

We provide relevant programs and services
to engender complete human development
especially to the weak, the poor and the less privileged
in our community.


 • Objectives

1. To promote healthy and productive life for individual,
family and community.

2. Through our program intervention, introduce best practices to the community
while encouraging and empowering the beneficiaries to replicate the practice themselves.

3. To fight all form of injustice and discrimination and to work for egalitarian society.

4. To identify with vulnerable segments of the society
and provide programs and service that will empower them.

5. To fight for democratic values and ensure
that we are a beacon of hope for the people.

6. To promote sustainable use of earth resources
and make the world a better place

7.To ensure enthronement of peace and justice and gender equality.



• Philosophy

It is our ultimate goal
to harness different talents and resources of our members and friends
who aspire to carry out voluntary communal services
to make better our environment and community;
to make interventions through our programs and services
in order to secure better life and self-sustainability.


• Our viewpoints include:

a. Consideration for the weak, the poor and the less privileged
in design and implementation of such programs and services.

b. Non-discrimination in membership or services
on the basis of sex, religion, affiliation, ethnicity or creed.

c. Promoting democratic principles in our dealing with ourselves and others.

d. Promoting sanctity of life and right of individual to enjoy his or her rights.

e. To be selfless in service, responsible in leadership
and transparent and accountable in all our activities.

f. To ensure justice, peace, religious tolerance
and foster unity among people.


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Who we are
Where we operate
Our programs
Our sponsors


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