ARDI is unique in its commitment to poverty eradication and development of youth-to-youth education and grassroots participation, through which it initiates, informs, motivates and involves the public.

These activities are prepared, co-ordinated and facilitated by young people themselves.

ARDI’S challenge is to initiate, train, educate and motivate high risk war affected communities to develop home-ground approaches to the challenges faced by young people in their own communities and in this way “jump-start”: the process of finding the solutions that are desperately needed at the community level.

It’s from this approach that ARDI youth-to youth education was developed. ARDI focuses on poor war-affected communities that the youth come from — which are mostly high-risk areas and have large numbers of idle youth who have to deal with negative peer, war trauma and economic pressure.

ARDI has a national vision... at the moment its concentrates in Lira district, with the intention of going to parts of Northern and Eastern region. By working in these areas, ARDI hopes to create leadership skills and community responsibility awareness among young people in collaboration with other players in the area.