RECOVERY – the big picture

Our vision statement is this: " The organization envisions young people affected by war taking the lead role in youth development locally and internationally, to rebuild hope."

Please be aware that the experience of war – in the past and still a threat – is inescapably in our minds as we work on practical projects.

We want to find some normality, economic and social.

Children suffered most and the world must take concern of this before we remain with nothing except a killer.

We have lost our future youth completely in this war and it will take years and years to have it rebuild again. ARDI has been playing drummer sensitizing the local community to welcome home their daughters and sons formerly abducted by the LRA soldiers.

We can make a big difference by working together. Acoke wants to offer something special to these children with a very unique approach and our philosophies do promote:

1.Rebuilding hope for this war affected children by create opportunities and linkages that support their desired interest and goals.
2.Eradicating poverty by creating income generating activity. A child needs money to grow and study well.
3.Mothers, widows and vulnerable groups are always taking the priority of ARDI.

You can read a very informative article about northern Uganda's war-affected children and their ambitions here. That is an important story about our experiences and about how we help each other too. It also tells of some ordinary things, including being in touch with other people, that can heal.

When we have our internet cafe and real capacity for our people to talk with you, can we share our worlds and develop more projects together? I hope so!


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