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Creating income from internet cafe. This is where our organization intends to raise funds as a stepping stone...
• to construct a small scale-grain mill
• to create more jobs and income and
• get locally produced maize to market as well packed and branded maize flour.

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2. Training youth with computer skills. We plan to provide computer training using computers operating in the café. We can do this early every morning without affected the business of the internet café... Very few or no customers would visit the café in the early morning.

Over 50 youths shall be trained every year under this program at reduced or no cost.

Some people ask - what have such projects to do with your situation, your immediate traumas and needs?

Here is our answer:
• We know that we are part of a wider world.
• We need to learn.
• We need to be able to run our own businesses.
• We need skills for that.
• We need to connect with you.
• We need to share your world.
• We would like you to share our world.

We hope soon to have here a community of young people with real business and computer skills, with real connections with the world. We need your friendship, ideas and help in various ways to do that.


Currently through NABUUR - The Global Neighbour Network we are initiating a community youth internet café project that seeks to facilitate the entrance of our young people to income sources and the job market through computer training — by starting a small, quality internet cafe in Lira town for the community.

We are already working to seek computers and associated equipment, like photocopier, printer, scanner, faxing machine, credit line/grants for the setting up internet cafe that will be short listed.

We require two young volunteers and experts to be trained in various skills that they requires in order to carry out computer training and operate the internet cafe new plan effectively.

At the end of this project we wish to establish a Lira Information Centre (LIC) – at higher business level – and also to accumulate skills and attract more funds for other projects, firstly to build a quality small scale-grain mill and marketing industry for local community farmers.

To be involved click here.

If you have experience with business planning
or would like to join and learn from building a business plan
have a look here, at this wiki (editable document to which you can contribute)

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