The Day of Celebration!


There were storms in the night and rain in the morning, clearing to a sparkling occasion.

We had been invited to wear Medieval or other period or special dress, and people responded.


Certain well known persons renewed serious epistemological and at times not fully logical discussions:


"Yes, I know that in your culture
you put the coffee in after the water
but that does not mean to say that is
the right way to do things."


"Indeed, indeed, but rightness or wrongness
does not give you the right to assert such truth
especially on an occasion like this."


Family and friends from all directions

The Ceremony was presided over the Celebrant of All Celebrants
– though only a Celebrant for the Day – Andrew Smith

Photo: Daniel (not related) Smith

We all gathered on the field below

and the bridal party appeared before us

and Andrew spoke beautiful words (click here to download pdf file - 40kb )

and the bride and groom also spoke fine words

Liz saying: "Mike(y) I love you.

"I want to grow with you and spend the rest of my life with you.

"You are so wonderful. I love your heart, your spirit, your ocnstantly probing mind, the way I just adore your company."

"I hope to be a good companion to you, to be honest when honesty is hard, for whatever the reason. To delight in the good times with you, to spur each other on in creative ventures and adventures, to support you when things are low and try to at least be tolerable when life feels horrendous.

"You are my water dragon. You help me to find balance, you help me be brave, you help me be a better person to my friends and help me celebrate the communities I am part of.

"This I vow: I will love you through times of peace and joy and through times of hardship. That this love will not be a static thing, but a thing of growth and change. To live generously with this love is a true partnership.

"... for us to be Team Liz and Mike(y)."

and Mike(y) saying:

"To the best of my ability, I will
– cheer you when you are sad
– warm you when you are cold
– rejoice with you when you are happy, and
- share my life with you.

"For we are a team, a duocracy, the best of friends. Of all things this is the most important.

"As some famous Scotsman once said in a song: 'I'll do the best to do the best I can.'"


The mood was infectious

After lunch, Liz's fairy godmother herself, Andrea Hull
declared "Let the Games Begin"

which they did

photo: Daniel Smith

I was so busy taking these pictures, head down to the camera,
that I did not realise I was recording the brave saga of Auntie Mary
(Liz's mother Margaret's sister, third from right).

Here is the whole brave story!

... and then to the rescue came Liz's uncle Don and it was all over!

Later there was the cutting of cake and speeches.
Dennis quoted from and made available printed copies of
the document which has most inspired him in the past decade
Liz's The Prophet's Sister written when Liz was 19, in 1999.

these two lovely photos also by Daniel Smith

and enjoyment of the wonderful rhythms and voices of Machitun

... then, as the evening approached, Liz borrowed the guitar of Marisol of Machitun
to meet the requests of many that she sing some of her folk songs.

Cat of course came away with the bride's bouquet, a simple bunch of yellow daisies.
On Sunday we took up Ev's excellent suggestion
and took these flowers to Margaret.

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