The Elopement!

Off to Queanbeyan Courthouse to sign the Register

It was something very special — not to say unusual — for parents to be invited to an 'elopement.'

With the plan for a very special Saturday ceremony of their own design,
Liz and Mikey concluded the formal legal process of marriage
at the Queanbeyan Courthouse, 4.30pm Friday 16 March.
In attendance: Robyn and Lester McClure, Ev Pettigrew and Dennis Argall
and especially Daniel and Alison, dear friends and photography team
(see Daniel's photos here)

the under-roof of the pavilion where we signed the documents
provided background for some informal photos

afterwards we retired to Valentino's for refreshment

before dinner at 'Monkey Magic' with close family and friends

Hasten on to Saturday's celebrations!

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