Magic in a Wandoo Woodland
— at Dwarda Downs Country Hideaway,
Williams, Western Australia
(about 150km south of Perth)
13-16 October 2006

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"The cottage," says Liz, "is 2.5km away from the house. Luke will show you the way."

And Luke leads us away into the woods in the evening light.

The cottage is, indeed, in the woods. Every necessity, very comfortable, solar power much bigger than ours at Bodalla!

At first glance this place is tough and dry and plain and splotchy — featuring Wandoo, a tree favoured for railway sleepers, hard and durable.


... and then you look down ...

cowslip orchids! — about 1.5 times actual size

Ev writes: The following photos were taken in a wander through a very small area (possibly no more than an acre). Some of the pictures, like the one above are considerably magnified. I was so excited by the diversity – not just of the flowering plants but also of plants about to flower and others that had finished flowering – what a feast!

I will not presume to give each of them their botanical names but there were many varieties of drosera, lechnaultia, dampiera, dryandra, grevillea, flowers in the fabacae (pea) family, isopogons, petrophiles, hibertia, hakea, stylidium (trigger plants), eremophila and many that I did not know.

Some of the photos are greatly magnified.

how small these sundews are below ... compare the size of small leaves in the background

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