Bramfield, west side, Eyre Peninsula,
South Australia

near Elliston but too small to
have a postcode

Wednesday 4 October 2006

We had gone to Bramfield, as noted, on recommendation that there we would find people growing things and building interesting houses.

The first person we spoke to there, who stopped to say hello at our camp by the cemetery, was a grazier, Kim Gillette, who told us that "you can grow anything there, the water is so good".

In the morning we had a look at a bit of the village, some old, some new, indeed quite a bit of work happening.

We later learned that that building above was formerly the stables of the coach house which ran through Bramsfield.

Some interesting use of pine offcuts —

We stole a couple of superb loquats

These folk building up

These had a considerable young orchard, but modest accommodation so far...

But we gave most of our attention to this property, where a lot of work seemed to have been done

and we went in to introduce ourselves to Ron Noble

whose partner Val's first words were: "You will stay to morning tea, won't you."

We saw wondrous garden works

and major patchwork quilting, which Val has recently begun doing — Ron not wanting to be so clearly associated with this kind of stuff! :-)

Ron showed us the wonderful original parchment title deed to their property

and when Frank Slater and his wife Marlene joined us for morning tea, we were treated to wonderful accounts of local history — which is not, alas, being recorded.

We had a very happy morning — well, by the time we'd stopped up the road for dried fruits and eggs from fellow WWOOF hosts Russell and Marion, it was 2pm.

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