Tree Top Walk
Valley of the Giants
National Park

23 October 2006


In Western Australia's southwestern corner there are some big trees that occur nowhere else — that are 'endemic' to this place. These include Jarrah, Karri, Marri, and Tingle. Their distribution varies with rainfall. The Tingle is a eucalypt found in an especially small area, around Walpole and Nornalup. There is a important stand of old Tingle forest in the 'Valley of the Giants' a few kilometres east of Nornalup.

Here, CALM (the WA Department of Conservation and Land Management) has erected a substantial walkway that allows visitors to walk up into the canopy, 40 metres above the ground, providing a remarkable (and popular) experience and saving the ground from trampling, avoiding compaction and further infestation with Phytophthera Cinamomae — the fungal cause of 'die-back' in many of the southern forests.

The trees are magnificent; so also is the walkway. Under a safety helmet down there (next picture below) you can see someone carrying out a six-monthly safety inspection of one of the (protective rust coated) specialty steel poles supporting the walkway.

You see the scale of things!

It was good to be there on a quiet day.
There is safety limit of 20 people per span.
Even with much fewer,
there were some wondrous harmonics along the walkway as people moved

especially when looking down

You will see the natural buttressing of the base of the Tingle Trees
— they have shallow roots and are attacked by insects, fire and fungi and s p r e a d themselves!

— this first picture taken from high up

These following pictures taken from the adjoining "Valley of the Ancients"

........... .......

and then we went off to lunch down the road!

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