... and then the sun came out

Conspicious Cliff —
Walpole-Nornalup National Park
23 October 2006

After the dark scudding weather of recent days , it was a delight to get to the beach in the afternoon and find a cloudless sky. The water shone, the beach shone and was crunchy with a new-salty crystal crust. The approach to the beach at Conspicuous Cliff was along a wonderfully designed boardwalk. Once again, we can note that money abounds in Western Australia and is being put into natural areas for tourism benefit and also to protect environment from tourists.

It is still weather for keeping the jumpers on
— there is nothing between here and Antarctica

...nice for watching the waves

or hiding under a dune

then going for a walk

to another spot to sit...
a month ago today we were at Funfield, Whittlesea,
on the road since before then

but no complaints

no complaints at all

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