Or is this Sicily?
... except for the lizards

(Apologies again for the jagged lines in the sky - cased by the file format jpeg, and my use of too-small files, for downloading convenience, and because I saved the files at night in poor light)

The harsh dry environment, being surrounded nonetheless by the sea, producing large grain crops, hurrying past ruins of buildings... these things reminded me of driving through the centre of Sicily a long time ago.

Though you are reminded of where you are by the small things. When we got out of the car here to look back at the Mt Millar Wind Farm, we encountered two lizards with entirely different approaches to us and life.

Though they are occasionally capable of unbelievable speed, in pursuit of love and another Stumpy, across roads, this Stumpy Tailed Lizard (about 30cm - one foot - long) took the view that the road was his/hers

While this bearded dragon, which we first saw standing proud, sunning itself on the top of a fence post, maintained rigidly that it was not there, not there at all, just an aberration in a fence post

...but was prepared to show a nice bit of leg,
a local custom we had noticed earlier in the day

and other details of the roadside vegetation were not Sicilian

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