Lincoln National Park
30 September to 2 October 2006

We arrived in the Lincoln National Park, below Port Lincoln, surrounded by the Southern Ocean on almost all sides, near sunset.

We were able – amazingly on a long weekend during school holidays – to find a campsite with room only for one vehicle and one tent (ours), overlooking the sea, away from the caravan sites. This on the calm, protected northern side, away from the ocean.

Here are pictures of this wonderful place, taken over two days. - alas, again with jpeg effects in the sky

Industrious Pied Oystercatcher oblivious to sunset

Less industrious man, seemingly oblivious to lovely day

Even less industrious woman

Crystal clear water

long distance view of Pied Oystercatcher

and of Hooded Plovers

Woman with field guide to birds

out on an ocean edge,
observing bird gatherings among stained rocks and wind-blasted trees

We missed out on the Southern Ocean wild winds, admired their work and the courage of plants, but were pleased not to experience them

We could not see any nest, but were yelled at severely by this little Oystercatcher, and so went elsewhere

Below, view, again, from our camp site after sunset.
It was the first quarter of the moon, so we were able to eat without artificial light.
After dinner several surprising (did I see that???) meteors flashed by.

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