On the road -
Wimmera, Victoria
27 September 2006


It is an interesting and generally very pleasing thing to travel together day by day

...though the driver sees less and the view for either is often a blur

or you (at least hopefully just the passenger) may dozingly diminish focus, perhaps only vaguely seeing the trousers of the other

Some things are away on the horizon

Some close and mother-watchful

One becomes blasé or dulled by pastoral images

as you ask the kilometers to eat themselves

The scene shifts, from canola above to lupins, wheat and mustard below

and always the road verge is amazing, a rich margin,
with more water, more disturbance and more introduced material
— which you only get to appreciate when you leave the fertile
and approach the 'desert' (in this case, the Little Desert of Western Victoria)

and get out of the car and down on your knees!

Here below is a plant called Dodder,
...so like Homo sapiens, in putting down minimal roots,
then abandoning its roots when it can cling to and suck off others

........... if you move the cursor over this image you will see
the suckers of a different variety of dodder found on the Eyre Peninsular...
do not confuse this with the family dodderer!

there is a rich variety of small plants, flowering in spring
—even in what everyone says is a terrible, drought stricken year

all these and more on the road's edge

and this an example of the hard dry droughted vegetation
in the wooded sections of the Little Desert

...where we were able to camp in great comfort
at the Little Desert Nature Park
spreading ourselves out, carrying the washing rope
to dry between sunnier trees in the morning
from left...a week's washing, the car, the tent, the cooking table

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