The Grampians
26th September 2006

Ev's photos and commentary

As we set out from Lake Bolac the Grampians began to emerge beyond the vast paddocks of sheep, wheat and the golden canola or mustard.

Lambs in a makeshift yard by the roadside being "marked" – castrated and tails cut off– I could not linger because of the singed smell from the cauterising. Their mothers watched from nearby bleating anxiously.

We approached the Grampians from the south-east,
turning north into the hills at Dunkeld

Most of the Grampians National Park was burnt by bushfire in Jan. 2006.
A roadside walk in the unburnt southern section gave us a sampling of some of the wildflowers flowers normally seen throughout the park.

I had squatted down to take a picture then realised I was no more than a metre away from this lovely scaly coil below. He must have still been a bit slow from his winter sleep and did not move so there was ample time to get a picture.

We watched where we put our feet after that little thrill!!


In the burnt areas there was a fantastic display of Xanthorrhoeas and orchids

The new eucalypt shoots and sundews were stunning too.

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