25 September 2006

Ballan, Victoria

The Flying Teapot Discovered!

We had dawdled, establishing the principle of dawdling, in Bacchus Marsh (nice town, great avenue of trees at entrrance, amazing vegetable growing, excellent coffee)... and then encountered a highway diversion opportunity, with a sign indicating three kilometres off to Ballan, three kilometers back to the highway.

Following that sign led us from dawdle to complete diversion for most of the rest of the day.

In Ballan we went 450 degrees round a roundabout at the startling sight of a mosaic worked fence of a house. Dora and Marcus had just announced their next mosaic workshop, Jill had written saying she would attend and was considering what to make... Here was gluttonous food for thought!

It was not until we got around to the front gate that we realised this was in fact a cafe.

We thought this amazing enough, but then from the door of the cafe spilled a riotous delegation of the Red Hat Golden Girls of Ballaarat

Dedicated to having a good time!

The cafe was 'closed Mondays' but by virtue of the Red Hat ladies it was indeed open and we were invited in by Sandra, who has had the cafe open for two weeks. Sandra promises text on the history of the mosaic work by the friend from whom she bought the property.

There is nothing undramatic about Sandra's creative work indoors

Well worth the visit!

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See another wonderful front yard in South Australia!

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